Hi, I’m Michael

A not so typical developer

Random fact:
This is my desktop background 🙂

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Why not so typical? I'll tell ya!

The quick version is that I’m a frontend developer who used to be a backender. I know. Weird, right?

I worked as a Java developer for almost eight years after which I decided that I wanted to do something more UX-driven.

Want to know more? Follow the link and I’ll talk more about myself, where I came from and where I’m going.

Coffee on an IV

What did it lead to...

Having worked as a backender and frontender has left me with a “specific set of skills”. Ranging from Java backend application development to frontend UI’s with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Curious about the languages I have at my disposal? Check out the skill matrix.

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The fruits of my labor

Using the skills I’ve acquired over the years I’ve created a lot of web-based software and websites.

These are created keeping user experience in mind whilst not losing the goal of the website.

Want to see what I’ve built? 

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Giving back to the community

In the little free time I have left I create JavaScript packages that can be used by anyone, free of charge.

These packages provide encapsulated functionality to make life easier for other developers so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.

Want to see what I’ve created so far? Follow the link and find out!

Coffee on an IV

My experiences

When building new things (at least new to me) I’ve started writing down my experiences with it. Most of these will be how-to’s on building specific functionalities or website parts ranging from Divi components to HTML, CSS or JavaScript challenges.

Want to know more? Check out my blog and see!

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